Stucco Decorative Trims for your Living Space

Embellish your apartment, office or entrance hall with a very special design. Let your housing dreams come true with our premium-quality stucco decorative trims made of Styrofoam. You can choose from various models, themes and ornaments.

Stucco moldings made of Styrofoam

Stucco ceilings and stucco trims or rosettes can often be seen in luxury apartments or expensive mansions. If you dream of such decoration elements in your own home, our moldings and trims made of Styrofoam or polyutherane are inexpensive options. They can be easily installed. Just cut them and apply our HOMESTAR® SX 100 Styrofoam adhesive to attach them to walls or ceilings.

Unlimited customization

Our product lines “Prestige” and “Modern” are evidence that stucco don’t always have to be romantic and playful. These moldings have clear lines without squiggled and eye-catching ornaments. So a room can be optically upgraded without overwhelming the existing interior.

However, our stucco moldings can satisfy lovers of flamboyant designs as well. Our product line “Prestige” is a perfect fit for distinctive wall decorations like paintings or other innovative elements.

We set no limits to your imagination. Our moldings are primed and ready for paint. So you can adjust them optically to your existing interior.

Decorate your living space stylishly with stucco

Stucco has always been used for decorating walls and ceilings – from ancient times until today. But even with its long history, it’s not old-fashioned at all. Stucco moldings can be applied to ceilings and walls in many different and very modern ways – horizontal, vertical and in combination with paintings, photo walls and wall tattoos. – Your Partner for Stucco

Let us inspire you with our huge range of products and our high-quality manufacture. Since 1999 we have manufactured moldings and trims. We always provide professional advice when it comes to choosing, ordering and installing.