Stucco Columns and Half Columns – Antique Living Ambiance

Accentuate your living space and impress your visitors with our stucco columns and half columns. You can vary many different column shafts. They are always extendable. You can cut and paint these columns with a resolvent-free water-based paint.

Stucco as a classic and timeless decoration element

Stuck Säulen mit Dekoration
Columns, half columns and pilaster are excellent products to decorate your home. You can choose between an antique style and a baroque style. A column shaft can be individually positioned in your living space or it can encase a main wall. There are many different models and themes.

Special Columns Made of Polystyrene Stucco

Upgrade your home optically with our detached columns and half columns. Our column shaft fits perfectly into lofts, entrance halls of mansions, castles or broad office blocks. Create your own column or half column by choosing a column shaft, a column base and a column cap from our broad range of products.Stuck Säule aus Styropor

Columns from ancient times

Our inexpensive range of stucco elements made of Styrofoam enables home owners, real estate agents and home stagers to decorate entrance halls within a short time at low cost. So an ordinary home or office can be turned into a Greek palace, Roman temple or imperial residence. As our columns and half columns do not support building structures, it’s more about the decorative effect. In addition to the column’s reasonable price and quick installation, there is no time-consuming planning necessary. Enhance your home’s value and create a majestic ambiance. It doesn’t cost a fortune and won’t need much material.

Experienced Stucco Manufacturer Since 1999

We have gained experience for more than 15 years now and are experts when it comes to stucco made of Styrofoam and polyutherane. In our branch offices in the Erzgebirge we continuously develop innovative, premium-quality products for interior decoration. Our products combine timeless elegance, modern design and soulful trimming.