Polystyrene Ceiling Tiles for a Stylish Ambiance

Wohnzimmer mit Pilaster, Rosette und Zierleisten
Our ceiling tiles are made of fire-resisting polystyrene and are perfectly suitable for living and office space. They create a comfortable indoor climate without reducing the size of a room. When you attach ceiling tiles to walls, they have a slight soundproofing and heat-insulating effect.

Decorative Trimming of Ceilings and Walls

For many centuries, people have used the power of stucco to create a comfortable and presentable living space. If you can’t afford stucco made of gypseous alabaster, our premium-quality ceiling tiles made of Styrofoam are reasonably priced options. Our stucco elements – correctly installed – are not distinct from original stucco plasterwork.

Complete Stucco Ceilings Instead of Moldings and Rosettes

Basically, our lightweight ceiling tiles can improve every room. Nevertheless, rooms with high ceilings are the best fit for this kind of decoration. Our stucco ceiling tiles give that certain something to the ambiance. The exclusive look created by ceiling tiles enables home stagers and home owners to raise the price for their real estate.

Little Artwork with Big Effect

Deckenplatte aus Styroporstuck 11007Our HOMESTAR® ceiling tiles come in different patterns and themes – from slightly embossed to flamboyant ornamentation. With this huge range you will surely find a product that fits into your home. The ceiling tiles can be easily attached with our HOMESTAR® SX 100 Styrofoam adhesive.

Imperial Ambiance Instead of Boring Uniformity

If you think that wallpapering and decorating with picture frames or flower vases is not enough, then try our stucco ceiling tiles and panels. They offer lots of decoration possibilities – classic, modern, playful or simply traditional. They are easy to install, clean and even cover small cracks.