Beams & Boards – Almost real replications

Stucco plasterwork made of light-weight and handy Styrofoam or polyutherane turn your living room, bathroom or office into a distinctive space. In addition these materials are easy to customize. However, it is not all about stucco moldings or rosettes – beams and boards play also a prominent role in the game of interior decoration.
Romantic Country Style or Rustic Cottage Style

Stuck Balken in Küche und EssbereichAlmost real looking ceiling beams and wooden beams for kitchen or dining room might be too expensive for some home owners. If you don’t want to live without these decoration elements, our beams, corbels and boards made of polyutherane will look as stunning as the real ones. Beams and boards are perfectly suitable to creative interior decoration.
Every ordinary entrance hall becomes a modern and comfortable part of the building – without much dirt and sweat while installing these stucco ornaments. The beams and boards made of polyutherane look very similar to wooden beams when installed and painted if necessary.

Useful Accessories

Our beams and boards are wonderful decoration elements. They can be used to cover annoying TV cables and cracks in ceilings and walls. Our designs are of timeless beauty and upgrade every living space.

Unique Look and Foolproof Installation

Our beams and boards made of polyutherane are very robust. Their sharp edges and lifelike ornamentations support its unique look. All beams and boards have a big adherend so they can be attached to a ceiling very easily – without drilling, dirt and noise. Use a beam as a singular stylistic element or use it as support for a stucco ceiling.