Baseboards for a Charming Ambiance

We are a traditional stucco manufacturing plant and know about the advantages of stucco elements in living spaces and offices. At the same time we also know that people can be biased concerning stucco: it’s expensive, heavy and old-fashioned. Our diverse range of stucco elements like baseboards, moldings and trims shows that stucco can be different though. We are experts for stucco made of Styrofoam and polyutherane. We are your reliable partner to enhance the interior of your home as we work closely with interior decorators.

Baseboards for a Special Atmosphere

Without baseboards a room can look unfinished. Via baseboards it is possible to close the gap between wall and floor. You can even cover small damages. That way baseboards made of Styrofoam stucco are not only decoration but also a protection against wear and tear. You can choose from many themes – fancifully-decorated or classic and timeless. Let us inspire you!
For Pragmatists and Living Space Specialists

Die Fußleiste als Kabelkanal einsetzen

If you are not into playful designs, you should have a look at our baseboard line „Classic“. These baseboards are made of HD polymer. They are shock-proof and ready for paint. You can use our modern stucco baseboards to hide TV and computer cables. It’s convenient and childproof.
More ambitious designers can also have fun with our Styrofoam baseboards. Accentuate your living or office space with extra high baseboards to elegantly hide small pipes. So offices will look more exclusive with our stylish baseboards.

Unlimited Color Scheme

If you want to further customize your baseboards, you can use a water-based paint that is solvent-free. Our classic baseboards come in a length of 2 meters. With a small miter saw you can cut and customize your baseboards. Please make sure that surfaces are clean, free of grease and dry. Attach decoration elements with our special Styrofoam adhesive HOMESTAR® SX 100.

Barockes Flair dank Stuck Fußleisten