Accentuate your Living Space with Stucco Rosettes

Sometimes it seems that something is missing when you look around a room. Stucco rosettes made of foamed and fire resisting polystyrene can add that special something. They are available in different themes and have a positive impact on the ambiance in a room.
Quality from the experts
Since 1999 we have been manufacturing high-quality interior decoration made of Styrofoam and polyutherane. These materials have manifold benefits: they are lightweight, customizable and inexpensive. Polystyrene moldings are a good option for low budgets. So your walls can become real artwork.Stuckrosette für die Decke

Classic-modern or playful-romantic?

If baroque-style decoration is too much for you, just have a look at our rosette line “Prestige”. Here you can choose from a variety of modern, timeless and classic themes that work with every interior – living room and office.
Our stucco rosettes make your rooms special and give them a matchless flavor. You can even customize your stucco rosette with solvent-free, water-based paint. Attached to the ceiling or wall, our Styrofoam rosettes don’t differ from normal plaster elements. Use our special Styrofoam adhesive HOMESTAR® SX 100 to attach them. Our rosettes can be removed or more rosettes can be added as often as you like it.

Stuck Rosette mit LeuchterStylish Ornamentation on Walls and Ceilings

Our stucco rosettes can be used for both ceilings and walls. Combine our round, premium-quality rosettes “Classic” and “Prestige” with wall tattoos, pictures, photo walls, and wall lights. Rosettes next to chandeliers are an especially stylish highlight of interior decoration. Our stucco rosettes come in different sizes and can be customized by painting. If you are not sure about size and theme, we are happy to assist you.

For Apartments and Complex Office Space

If you love Art Nouveau, baroque or Renaissance styles, our Stryrofoam rosettes are a perfect match for you. Increase the value of your property and upgrade your interior optically. Not only ceilings and walls in an office can be enriched by our rosettes but also living space in need of rehabilitation benefits from our stucco rosettes.