From the Erzgebirge to more than 40 countries

Our neighboring sites Geyer and Ehrenfriedersdorf are situated ca. 20 km south of the city of Chemnitz in the Erzgebirge. In this region, the manufacturing of beautiful and useful things has a long tradition – like mining and industry. Here a lot of people admire engineering and beauty. They are used to work tightly focused and targeted.

 No wonder that our HOMESTAR® products are sold into more than 40 countries. But the journey is not over yet. Our vision is to beautify the world a little with our themes, models, patterns and elements.

What is produced where?

In a factory building with a size of 600 sqm in the city of Geyer, we produce all products made of polyurethane. In another building with a size of 1,000 sqm, we produce the complete range of foamed moldings and rosettes. In the industrial area of Ehrenfriedersdorf we make extruded moldings like our wall trims and baseboards as well as decorative trims. A storage space of 2,000 sqm is also available.

Die Produktion von Sachex