A little story of big success


SachEx was founded in 1996 but the company’s history goes back even further. At that time, our CEO had been already working in the plastics processing industry for more than 20 years. He was an expert in manufacturing trims made of Styrofoam.

In 1999, the production has started. Thanks to private connections, we were able to use suitable buildings in the community of Geyer in the Erzgebirge. Today we run two manufacturing plants: 600 sqm for our products made of polyurethane foam and 1000 sqm for the production of moldings and rossettes from the Homestar® product line.

 Second and Third Site

Under the Homestar® label, we sell our products to clients in more than 40 countries. Homestar® is a internationally registered trademark and stands for attractive design and premium quality.

Expertise for more than 15 years

In 2011 an even bigger manufacturing plant was added. 1,600 sqm of manufacturing space and another 2,000 sqm of storage space are now available. Since 2001 a third site in Poland has been established.

During the last 20 years we have been able to expand our product range and distribution network. And we are not finished yet. In order to implement our vision we count on our skillful employees, our worldwide distribution network and the continuous modernization of our manufacturing plants. So we can ensure that our processes are successful and smooth.

We focus particularly on leadership and recruiting to develop our worldwide distribution network and to meet our service standards.