Values we set a high value on

The foundation of our company philosophy is quite simple: All sides should benefit including clients, trade and business partners as well as the environment and our sites. Communication and cooperation also play an important role in our corporate understanding.

Performance, respect, openness and responsibility are values that we take into account when it comes to personnel management and leadership. Everyone is in charge of standing to the rules. Here the company management plays a special role because they have to communicate the company values to their team.
In order to secure jobs and the company’s future, we always develop innovative ideas.

We continue to adjust our internal processes to new developments; we adapt new procedures; we accept and shape the latest trends. As a company that values both technical and esthetic questions we have a keen sense for looking beyond our own nose.

Diverse Responsibility

At the same time we always see the big picture. We work along with principles that are geared to performance, growth and innovation within the realms of responsible economic activity for the society and environment.

We are driven by our ecological and social awareness and by our pledge to ambitious and responsible action. Our management team and employees act on internationally approved guidelines – and of course according to the law and regulations.

We care for our employees, clients and the environment by taking responsible action concerning our products and work. We protect our environment by using water and electricity economically, reducing waste, not polluting air and preventing water pollution.